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How To Look Chic With T-Shirts - Pairing And Styling Guide!

Posted on June 14 2022

T-shirts have always dominated the fashion world. Women's t-shirts come in various styles and colors to suit a variety of occasions and different age groups. They are incredibly adaptable and go with most bottom-wear options in your closet. 

It would be best to have a variety of women's T-shirts in your collection, as they are gradually replacing formalwear for most situations. V-neck and crew-neck t-shirts are no longer the only options. The introduction of several T-shirts has changed the business by providing many opportunities. T-shirts are currently available in various fabrics, including cotton, satin, polyester, and wool. 

What are the most popular t-shirt designs this season? How can you uniquely style your t-shirt? What stores sell fashionable t-shirts for women? To assist you, we have compiled a list of the most popular ways to style your t-shirt and brief examples of how you pair them with other clothes. Get ready to get some inspiration for your next tee.

Quirky Ways To Style A T-shirt Outfit

Women's t-shirts are now available in various types and sizes to suit everyone's style. T-shirts for women come in several necklines, allowing you to choose the one that is most pleasant and stylish for you. They may feel reasonably comfortable if you frequently wear formal and casual clothing.

  • Dress It Up With A Black Blazer

An oversized T-shirt and a blazer create a classy yet laid-back look. Pair a white T-shirt with a gray blazer, for example, to retain an appealing appearance. Tucking your tee in and placing a belt around your waist will give you a more refined image. This outfit is suitable for semi-formal gatherings and festivities. The blazer lends it a formal aspect despite its sleek and informal style.

  • Ditch The Pants And Pair It Up With Casual Skirts

A skirt is the easiest and most practical way to wear along with a t-shirt. A combination of a white shirt, a vibrant floral design A-line skirt, a classic black pencil skirt, or a long-maxi skirt looks amazing. If you combine your white t-shirt with a skirt and a silk or rayon t-shirt, you could wear it to a formal occasion. To create a photo-worthy appearance, match a tulle skirt with a basic white t-shirt.

With the addition of spandex or a fine gauge knit, an ordinary white t-shirt can be transformed into a "skirt-worthy" garment. Look for small elements such as a nice edge, piping along the neck, or more flowing fabric to elevate a T-shirt. Loose, comfortable V-neck t-shirts may look great with pencil skirts and a camisole with a lovely peak. It's all about highlighting the contrast between the formal skirt and the casual t-shirt.

  • Denim Is A Timeless Classic To Wear With T-shirts

Denim shirts never fail to astonish us with their variety of designs and possibilities. But, before we get into the latest fashion trends, let's look at how to dress a denim shirt and what to wear along with it! 

  • Wearing a denim shirt with denim jean pants is a timeless look that will never go out of style.
  • Alternatively, you might try on other types of jogger pants trousers.
  • Wear a stunning shirt with contrasting jeans, but make sure to match the shirt's color tone.
  • T-shirt And Shirt Combo To Get You Through The Day

In today's grab-and-go coffee culture, no one, especially women, has time to think about what to wear under a simple white shirt. The trend and fashion of wearing an open shirt with a T-shirt underneath comes to the rescue for added panache. A checkered shirt is the first thing that comes to mind when wearing a relaxed shirt style with a graphic or plain t-shirt design to produce an all time favorite look. If you don't want to go overboard and prefer to keep a sober tone, a light blue full-sleeve shirt over a white t-shirt is perfect. The blues are always a good choice. It's nearly always a good idea and a lifesaver to wear a shirt over a t-shirt.

  • For Minimalist Look: Go For Ripped Jeans

Jeans and a T-shirt are a classic combo for a reason, and even the most fashionable women should not dismiss it. The combination of these two casual and comfortable pieces is unstoppable.

To wear jeans with a shirt, all you have to do is make sure your pants add some visual interest to your ensemble. Opt for distressed, embroidered, or decorated jeans to go with your plain T-shirt. If you want simple jeans, you can add texture to the bottoms by rolling them.

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T-shirts are an integral part of any woman's wardrobe. You can go for a more relaxed style or pair your t-shirt with just about anything! Also, have I mentioned how comfortable they are? Furthermore, there are no buttons or hook-and-eye closures because they slip on over the head. Easy! But not so simple? Other than a standard pair of denim pants, are you still unsure what to combine with it?

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Tips And Tricks For Finding The Ideal T-Shirt At Mafoose

When choosing how a T-shirt should fit, consider the following factors: 


A properly fitted women's T-shirt should be neither too tight nor too loose. If it's too big, it will droop on you like a box and appear ugly. If it's too tight, you'll appear as if you're being pushed into it and are going to break the seams at any moment, which will almost surely come off as arrogant and unpleasant. 


The shoulder seams are an excellent indicator of how well a garment fits. These seams should ideally extend to the end of the shoulder at the very top of the arm. If they reach the upper arm, the shirt is too large. The shirt is too small if the sleeves don't reach the end of your shoulder. 


The sleeves should reach approximately halfway down the upper arm. If you are extraordinarily tall, it may be OK to wear sleeves that are somewhat longer, since they will appear more proportionate. 


If the bottom hem of your T-shirt falls above your hips, then it is too tiny. It should cover your waistline and extend beyond it by a few inches. If it is shorter than that, it will resemble a crop top when your arms are up. If it is any longer than that, it will resemble a dress. When putting on a T-shirt, lift your arms to determine how far it rides up. 


Many inexpensive women's T-shirts have no form whatsoever. When worn, they hang like boxes and are exceedingly unsightly. Look for a T-shirt that more closely matches the contours of your body. Avoid those that are shaped like huge squares. 

How to Select the Appropriate T-Shirt?

While there are several types of T-shirts available, it is crucial to select the one that best suits you. T-shirts for women are highly adaptable and simple to wear, yet it is still possible to mess up the style. Consider the following variables while selecting a t-shirt style. 

  • Neck 
  • Select the T-shirt neck with care. 

    When pairing a t-shirt with jeans, crew-neck shirts are the safest option. Choose a high-quality T-shirt for semi-casual or informal office settings. It pairs beautifully with beige or tan dressy ankle-length pants.

  • Examine The Occasion 
  • Choose the T-shirt based on the event for which you intend to wear it. Choose T-bSHIRT for formal events or golfing with business associates. It offers the convenience of a t-shirt while presenting a dignified appearance fit for the ideal employee or the successful boss, thanks to its soft and attractive collar. 

  • Coordinate Your Body Type With T-Shirt Design 
  • Choosing the appropriate t-shirt style is of the utmost importance. People with slim physiques may effortlessly pull off long-sleeved T-shirts. It emphasizes their upper body and lends them an athletic appearance. People with a plus-size physique look amazing in oversized T-shirts for women and baggy jeans. It is spacious and appears uncluttered and uncomplicated. Regular fit t-shirts with crew necks are the most universally flattering, but you should still select your size carefully. 

  • Constantly Accessorize 
  • This does not have to include excessive accessorizing or time-consuming endeavors. The addition of belts, caps, and shoes may boost your appearance tenfold. To boost your image, you may always wear a V-neck long sleeve t-shirt as a sweatshirt over your standard dress shirt. Experiment with various types of footwear and headwear to maximize your t-shirt and jeans/shorts ensemble. 

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    T-shirts for women are an essential wardrobe item. They're wondering if you're going for a laid-back style, but you can also dress them up! Additionally, have I mentioned how comfy these are? In addition, there is no need to bother with buttons or hook-and-eye closures because they just slip on over the head. Easy! But not so simple? Figuring out what to match it with other than a classic pair of denim pants. If you need more fashion inspiration, explore our website. We have the highest quality clothes that will fill your wardrobe-essentials.