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Mafoose Men's Undercover Concealed Carry CCW Tactical Holster Compression Shirt Medium to 4XL





The Mafoose undercover tactical short sleeve concealed carry holster shirt is one of the best in the market in that it is designed to provide comfort under any environment.  It is made of 85% polyester and 15% spandex material which makes a great compression style shirt to make you look slim. This shirt comes with two padded pockets in that can be used to put magazine clips on either side and will fit snug against one’s chest. Big straps and wider Velcro will keep things tight in place.  The padded pockets do an amazing job in reducing the pressure of the gun rubbing on one’s ribs and will feel very comfortable. This shirt is perfect for small to medium framed guns.  The magazine pockets run deeper than most CCW shirts.  Guns and other equipment will not fall out when you lean over like many other holster shirts do. We redesigned the closures for a tighter fit so no accidents should ever occur as this is one of the biggest complaints of CCW shirts being sold. We also use an inner padded neoprene layer for extra comfort in the pocket areas. Flat-lock seams are used to reduce friction and chafing so if you are sitting at a desk or driving in a vehicle it’s very comfortable. To reduce sagging, the weight of the concealed gun is supported evenly across the body of the shirt due to extra support on both sides.  The placement of the pockets on either side run much lower than most CCW shirts so as not to rub on your armpits. Our garment is machine washable and breathable for comfort during use.  This shirt is not recommended if you have a tactical light placed on your gun.  We do recommend that you wear a hoodie or jacket over this type of shirt for extra concealment.  When placing your order keep in mind that this shirt fits tight by design.


  • 85% Polyester / 15% Spandex.
  • Safely stores handgun, magazines, and electronics
  • Designed for carry of small to medium frame handguns
  • Pocket on each side with closures to accommodate left or right-handed individuals
  • For sag reduction, the weight of the concealed gun is supported evenly across the body of the shirt due to extra support on both sides
  • Neoprene padding so gun will not rub against one’s ribs